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Class 15 - Commercial Tower, Steel Frame, Part 1
Site development. Support of excavation and caisson foundation. select
Site plan for organizing logistics. Pedestrian bridge. select
Caissons. Inclined raker support system. select
Steel erection. Raising and bolting gangs. Safe practice. select
image of a construction site foundation in new york city
Class 16 - Commercial Tower, Steel Frame, Part 2
Typical section for steel frame tower. Tower cranes. select
How Tower Cranes Climb. select
Are Tower Cranes Safe. select
image of a commercial tower under construction 7 stories high
Class 17 - Residential Tower, Concrete Frame
Urban development. Public/Private partnership. select
Hi-rise residential tower with a concrete frame. select
17C Placing concrete for a floor slab. select
Formwork for upper floor slabs. select
image of a residential tower with a concrete frame with lumber and steel abundant
Class 18 - Residential Tower, Concrete Frame, Part 2
Tower cranes and how they climb. select
Concrete floor slabs. Concrete pumps select
Masonry infill walls. select
Precast concrete building elements. select

image of workers on a building installing a concrete frame
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