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Class 1 - Support of Excavation (SOE) Basic - Part 1
Introduction by Irwin Weinbaum select
29 CFR - Review of requirements. Impact of existing utilities on each of the support of excavation techniques. select
image of timber sheeting accommodates utilities
Class 2 - Support of Excavation (SOE) Basic - Part 2
Timber sheeting, soldier piles and lagging, steel sheet piling. select
Installation of steel sheet piling. select
Cross lot bracing. Typical installation of pipe struts and walers. select
Inclined rakers, Dewatering - Deep well system. Ejector (eductor) system. Well point system. select
image of rakers for building foundation
Class 3 - Support of Excavation Advanced - Secant Pile Walls
Starter wall and drill rig for secant pile wall. select
Primary Hole for secant pile wall. select
Secondary Hole for secant pile wall. select
Completed secant pile wall. select
image of secant pile wall installation
Class 4 - Support of Excavation Advanced - Slurry Walls
Early use of slurry walls at World Trade Center. Definitions - Slurry wall - Diaphragm Wall. select
Construction of slurry walls. select
Explanation of tremie method for placing concrete under water. select
Video showing the tremie method for placing
Top down construction using slurry walls as permanent walls. select
Applications of slurry walls for deep excavations. select
image of slurry wall bucket
Class 5 - Mass Transit - Cut and Cover Tunnels - Part 1
Historic and modern application of cut and cover tunnel technique. select
Modern application of cut and cover technique - View below street level. select
Installing deck beams and concrete panels. select
Underpinning existing subway structure. select
image of first subway in black and white
Class 6 - Mass Transit - Cut and Cover Tunnels - Part 2
Timber vs. concrete decking. Rock blasting, blast mats. select
Mixed face tunnel. Rock blasting select
Mud slab, sand wall. Waterproofing tunnel. select
Underpinning existing subway structures with drilled piles - mini piles. select
image of blast mats after use (exploded)
Class 7 - Underpinning
Needle beams. Pre-loading needle beams. select
Drilled piles. Mini piles in active subway. select
Drilled piles. . select
image of black form and green rebar
Class 8 - Construction Equipment
Lattice boom cranes. Hydraulic cranes with telescoping booms. select
Crane load charts and space requirements. select
Tower cranes and how they climb. select
Heavy construction equipment - backhoe, loader and dynahoe. select
Highway equipment - road grader and roller. select
Pile driver, pile load test. select
image of hydraulic crane off peak hours
Class 9 - Urban Highway Construction - Part 1
Isolating the work zone from the public. Utilities are critical path. select
Shifting traffic with temporary asphalt. GRES wall. Light weight fill. select
Progress meeting. Preparing for new pavement select
image of needle beams on a construction site
Class 10 - Urban Highway Construction - Part 2
Maintenance and protection of traffic MPT select
Placing concrete for new pavement. select
Control joints to prevent shrinkage cracks. select
Stage construction. Single lane chute. select
image depicting traffic maintenance and protection in a busy city
Class 11 - Concrete
Components of concrete. Water cement ratio. select
Slump test. select
Moist cure. Formwork for two faced forms, single face forms. select
Concrete placement with crane and bucket, concrete pump and conveyor. select
Versatility of concrete and aesthetics. select
image of pouring concrete for pavement
Class 12 - Remove and Replace an Overpass - Part 1
Innovative approach to construction phasing. select
Needle beams supporting existing structure. select
Needle beams supporting existing structure. select
Construction of abutment footing and walls. select
Project is terminated after completing only one third of the work. select
image of preloading needle beams
Class 13 - Remove and Replace an Overpass - Part 2
New contract awarded to complete the project. Correcting the original problem. select
Soil nails and shotcrete as support of excavation. select
Existing bridge deck removed. select
New steel erection during night time shut down of traffic. select
New bridge deck construction. select
image of large concrete slab with construction workers by it
Class 14 - Remove and Replace a Bridge
Existing three span truss to be removed and replaced in six months! select
Micropiles installed for new footings. select
Construction of new piers and superstructure. select
Coordination of structural drawings with mechanical and electrical.Opening ceremony ahead of schedule. select
image of a crane by a bridge under construction
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